An estimated crowd of 250,000 are expected for today's racesCambridge University Boat Club

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3:54pm That's pretty much all from us here at Varsity. From me, Devarshi Lodhia and Eoin McSweeny thanks a lot for following Varsity's coverage of The Boat Races! 

3:53pm Read all about the Men's Boat Race here

3:53pm Cambridge won both of the reserve races today as well, cementing their place as the dominant university in every aspect that matters

3:50pm Oxford students Seb Bell, Orla McBride, James Stringer remaining philosophical: "At least we won the rugby"

3:39pm Two wins, Cambridge dominate the river once again

3:28pm Cambridge have done it! They've won both races

3:25pm Good rowing from Cambridge keeping the tempo high. Oxford aren't too far back but it's difficult to see them king a comeback.

3:24pm Elsewhere, Everton are beating Arsenal 1-0

3:22pm Approaching the Chiswick Steps, Oxford have cut Cambridge's lead to 4 seconds. This might be closer than we first thought.

3:19pm I never knew it was this stressful for the cox! 

3:18pm Passing Hammersmith Bridge and Cambridge restore their lead with a time of 6:35, a little way off the record of 6:20 but more importantly, 6 seconds ahead of Oxford

3:17pm Great rowing all round

3:16pm Cambridge get another warning from the umpire, asking the boats to maintain their distance. It's dramatic stuff

3:14pm Oi oi, Cambridge living dangerously as they're right up next to each other. Oars clashing and the umpire's not happy.

3:13pm The naughty language from the Women's Race

3:13pm Coming up to Craven Cottage and Cambridge have the lead. It's a big one for this stage and looking good for the Light Blues

3:11pm As with the women's race, Oxford have taken the early lead but there's still a long way to go.

3:10pm Anyway, they're off!

3:10pm James Cracknell's frosted tips are quite something, aren't they?

3:10pm Seconds away from starting...

3:09pm Cambridge lead the head 83-80 and are heavy favourites for this one, with odds of 2/9.

3:04pm Great chat!

3:02pm Oh Midge... 

3:00pm Cambridge student Shaun Matthews (left) with his brother Brandon and mother Linda: "My two boys are still recovering from last night - I don't think they're enjoying themselves too much at the moment. I was expecting them to be smashed!"

2:58pm In the men's race, Oxford have made a number of changes to their boat, changing their cox and moving a few rowers around. Doesn't look good for the Dark Blues.

2:57pm Liz Irvine and Richard Cartwright trying to get the best view possible: "He's a Selwyn alumnus and I've been dragged up a tree"

2:53pm Varsity's Joe Cook is by the river covering all the action

2:50pm What a win for Cambridge's women! You can read all about it here.

2:34pm Professional performance by Cambridge but the result was never really in doubt. Hopefully the men can follow this success.


2:32pm It's hard to blame them

2:30pm This might end up being the biggest win in Boat Race history as Cambridge pass Mortlake Brewery. 

2:28pm Cambridge have been so impressive this afternoon. Wonderful rowing from the women's boat, and they've given Oxford no chance as they pass the band stand.

2:26pm 11:26 is the record coming up to Chiswick Steps, Cambridge are slightly behind but there's a serious chance we might see a new record for the Light Blue boat

2:24pm It's difficult to see how Oxford can get back into this. The river's ideal for rowing so I can't see anything going wrong for the Light Blues at this point.

2:23pm Coming to the half way stage now and Cambridge are dominating this. Really living up to their status as favourites.

2:20pm The boats have swapped sides now, happened in the 2016 Race under Hammersmith Bridge and it's an umpire's nightmare 

2:18pm At this stage to be at this position, Cambridge have to be favourites for this 

2:18pm Four minutes in and Cambridge have clear water coming towards the Mile Post

2:17pm Cambridge's cox, Hugh Spaughton's current heart rate's over 160. It's not just the rowers who are feeling this

2:15pm Cambridge just sneaking ahead of Oxford now and moving away from their rivals after two minutes

2:14pm Oxford have taken a slight lead as they head towards Craven Cottage. A good, clean start from both crews


2:12pm There was a draw in the 1877 men's race so you never know...

2:09pm Oxford have 3 returning Blues to Cambridge's 1 but the Light Blue crew is slightly heavier. Will that have an impact on today's race? Stay tuned to find out

2:07pm Fun fact: Cambridge's Pippa Whittaker can solve a Rubik's Cube in less than 30 seconds. Elite.

2:04pm Less than ten minutes to go before the 74th Women's Boat Race. Cambridge's crew are (according to the BBC) heavy favourites to win this.

2:03pm Both Cambridge teams won their coin toss and both have chosen Surrey 

1:58pm Eoin McSweeny's been chatting to some of the spectators by the river. 

Robin Potter (left): "The Cambridge Boat Race means pints. If Cambridge wins this will be better than the birth of my first child."

I'm sure his child is thrilled to hear that.

1:54pm Looks like someone agrees with sports editor, William Ross. For a different take, Marcus McCabe defends the BBC's coverage of one of the country's oldest sporting events.

1:48pm Two-time Olympic Gold medalist, James Cracknell is the big story going into the men's race. The 46 year old will be the oldest competitor in the race's history

1:42pm Cambridge won both the men's and women's races last year and hold the head-to-head advantage in both with the men leading 83-80 and the women 43-30

Welcome to Varsity's coverage of The Boat Races! We'll be with you throughout the afternoon with full coverage of both races.