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Isabel Dempsey & Taneesha Datta

Deputy Editors

Christopher Patel & Daniel Hilton

Vulture Magazine Editors 
Alice Mainwood & Leo Kang Beevers 

News Editors
Senior News Editors: Eric Williams & Felix Armstrong
Deputy News Editors: Romilly Norfolk Amelia Platt Beth Doherty Tommy Castellani

Investigations Editor
Aoife O'Driscoll

Comment Editors
Emily Lawson-Todd, Jude Crawley & Anoushka Kale

Features Editors
Alex Levy, Bella Shorrock & Patrick Dolan

Interviews Editors
Ella McCartney & Abby Reyes

Science Editor
Elsie Jang

Sport Editors
Alex Berry, Will McLaughlin & Fabian Pountney

Arts Editor
Eva Weinstein & Clementine Lussiana

Film & TV Editors
Isaac Jackson & Heidi Atkins

Fashion Editors
Anna Metzger & Ruby Cline

Lifestyle Editors
Iona Boyer Miranda Evans

Music Editors
Alex Brian & Tianyu Liu

Theatre Editors Grace Cobb, Amelie Bromnick & Molly Scales

Sianna King (Chief), Sophie Denny, Freya Cowan, Syna Majumder, Emma Jameson-Dake, Rafal Wilowski & Molly O'Neill

Varsity Society President
Michael Hennessey

Varsity Society Committee

Daniel Hilton (Secretary) & Isabel Dempsey (Junior Treasurer)

Business Manager & Company Secretary
Mark Curtis