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Meet the team: Easter 2022

Lotte Brundle & Juliette Guéron-Gabrielle

Deputy Editors
Nabiha Ahmed & Jacob Freedland

Vulture Editors 
Josh Osman & Famke Veenstra-Ashmore 

Visual Editor
Katie Kasperson

News Editors
Senior News Editors: Lorna Kimmins & Fergal Jeffreys
Deputy News Editors: Juliette Kendal, Tommy Castellani, Megan Byrom & Peter Mumford

Investigations Editor
Senior Investigation Editor: Olivia Young
Deputy Investigation Editor: Aoife Petrie

Opinion Editors
Senior Opinion Editors: Alex Levy & Taneesha Datta
Deputy Opinion Editors: Krystian Schneyder & Eric Williams

Features Editors
Senior Features Editors: Lewis Andrews & Hannah Gillott
Deputy Features Editors: Tanya Singh & Erik Olsson-Ferrer

Interviews Editors
Eleanor Mann, Aoife O'Driscoll, Joseph Crouch & Lilly Davies

Science Editors
Sneha Kumar, Julia Dabrowska & Emily Sissons

Sport Editors
Benjamin Conway, Sasha Grantham, Lily Olliver & James Hardy

Arts Editors
Esmé Kenney, Katie Last & Zoe Zhang

Film & TV Editors
Tabitha Chopping, Jude Browning & Rebecca Stoll

Fashion Editors
Anna Chan, Kasia Truscott, Sarah Abbas & Emily Kelly

Lifestyle Editors
Charmaine Au-Yeung, Lara Poole, Sanah Kashyap & Samuel Hudson

Music Editors
Daniel Hilton, Josephine Olayebo & Jacob Tucker

Theatre Editors
Tom Howlett, Sophie Macdonald & Sara Sioufi

Chief Sub-Editor
Chloe Bond

Illustrations Editor
Florence Brockman

Head of Photography
Alex Parnham-Cope

Head of Video Isabella Todini

Social Media
Head of Social Media: Alex Radford

Varsity Society President
Emaan Ullah

Associate Editors 
Emaan Ullah, Bethan Moss, Nick Bartlett, Isabel Sebode, Meike Leonard, Gaby Vides, Georgina Buckle, Stephi Stacey, Gabriel Humphreys, Christopher Dorrell & Cameron White

Business Manager & Company Secretary
Mark Curtis