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Meet the team: Michaelmas 2021

Nick Bartlett & Isabel Sebode

Deputy Editors
Akshata Kapoor & Emaan Ullah

Vulture Editor 
Lily Maguire 

Deputy Vulture Editor 
Margherita Volpato

News Editors
Senior News Editors: Bethan Moss, Georgia Goble & Louis Hodgson
Deputy News Editors: Jacob Freedland, Caitlin Farrell & Jolyn Koh

Investigations Editor
Caitlin Farrell

Investigations Correspondents
Isabella Guzy-Kirkden, Daisy Margolis & Shona Whelan

Opinion Editors
Senior Opinion Editors: Ramsay Hodgson & Olivia Young
Deputy Opinion Editors: Emily Kelly & Frankie Richards

Features Editors
Senior Features Editors: Ellie Austen & Inés Magré
Deputy Features Editors: Nabiha Ahmed & Lotte Brundle

Interviews Editors
Juliette Gueron-Gabrielle, Stephi Stacey & Isabella Todini

Science Editors
Senior Science Editors: Sneha Kumar
Deputy Science Editors: Nieve Brydges

Sport Editor
Senior Sports Editor: Liam Kline
Deputy Sports Editor: Damola Odeyemi

Violet Editors
Conall Hughes, Oona Lagercrantz & Evie Lucas

Arts Editors
Emma Hulse & Famke Veenstra-Ashmore

Film & TV Editors
Magdalena Gabrysiak, Amber de Ruyt & Holly Sewell

Music Editor
Mathew Cavallini & Madeleine Fisher

Fashion Editors
Olivia Rhodes & Muhammad Syed

Lifestyle Editors
Amy Howell & Ellie Wilson

Theatre Editors
Stanley Lawson & Fergal Jeffreys

Video Team
Tilda Butterworth & Scarlett Croft

Photography Editor
Tilda Butterworth

Illustrations Editor
Eden Keily-Thurstain

Chief Sub-Editor
Chloe Bond 

Varsity Society President
Emaan Ullah

Associate Editors 
Gaby Vides, Georgina Buckle, Gabriel Humphreys, Meike Leonard, Stephi Stacey, Cameron White, Christopher Dorrell

Business Manager & Company Secretary
Mark Curtis