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Meet the team: Michaelmas 2018

Noella Chye

Deputy Editors
Merlyn Thomas & Catherine Lally

Vulture Editor  
Vivienne Hopley-Jones

Digital Editor
Joe Cook

News Editors
Senior News Editors: Rosie Bradbury & Stephanie Stacey
Deputy News Editors: Isobel Griffiths & Millie Kiel

Investigations Editor
Jack Conway

Opinion Editors
Senior Opinion Editor: Maia Wyn Davies
Deputy Opinion Editors: Priya Bryant, Tom Nixon & Nick Harris

Science Editors
Joseph Krol & Gesa Sophia Borgeest

Sport Editors
Marcus McCabe (Senior) & William Ross (Deputy)

Features Editor
Isobel Bickersteth

Arts Editor
Nick Collin

Film & TV Editor
James Dickinson

Music Editors
Alice French & Miles Ricketts

Fashion Editor
Julia Davies

Lifestyle Editors
Rachel Tsang & Ella Jones

Theatre Editors
Iris Pearson & Niamh Curran

Violet Editor
Devarshi Lodhia

Interviews Editors
Oliver Rhodes & Belle George

Long Reads Editors
Jamie Hancock & Nick Chevis

Raphael Korber Hoffman

Chief Sub-Editor
Vivi Way 

Helen Grant, Helena Mackie & Evie Vennix

Engagement Editor
Raphael Korber Hoffman

Web Developer
Edwin Balani

VarSoc President
Caitlin Smith

Associate Editors 
Reuben Andrews & Felix Peckham

Video Journalists
Gaia Reyes & Victoria Zanotto