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Meet the team: Easter 2020

Richard Bartlett

Deputy Editors
Meike Leonard & Ben Cudworth

Vulture Editor 
Georgina Buckle 

Deputy Vulture Editor 
Isabel Sebode

Digital Editor
Tomas Vieira-Short

News Editors
Senior News Editors: Christopher Dorrell & Gaby Vides
Deputy News Editors: Cameron White, William Hunter, Antonia Harrison & Diana Stoyanova

Investigations Editors
Ewan Hawkins & Martha Bevan

Opinion Editors
Senior Opinion Editors: Callum Wainstein & Sawen Ali
Deputy Opinion Editors: Tu Minh Tri & Madeline Anderson

Features Editors
Senior Features Editors: Elizabeth Haigh, Hatty Wilmoth and  Ashna Ahmad
Deputy Features Editors: Akshata Kapoor and Nick Bartlett

Interviews Editors
Senior Interviews Editors: Victor Jack and Juliette Gueron-Gabrielle
Deputy Interviews Editor: Bethan Moss

Science Editors
Senior Science Editors: Yan-Yi Lee & Sambhavi Kumar
Deputy Science Editor: Grace Blackshaw

Sport Editor
Bradley Fountain-Green and Thom Harris

Violet Editor
Caterina Bragoli

Arts Editors
Senior Arts Editors: Esmee Wright & Adam Dumbelton
Deputy Arts Editor: Rachel McHale

Film & TV Editors
Sarah Brady & Alexandra Jarvis

Music Editors
Nadya Miryanova, Nathaniel Warren & Kwaku Gyasi

Fashion Editors
Lara Zand & Martha French

Lifestyle Editors
Senior Lifestyle Editors: Miranda Stephenson & Tiffany Tsoi
Deputy Lifestyle Editor: David Quan

Theatre Editors
Eleanor Burnham & Helen Turner-Smyth

Switchboard Producer
Isabel Roberts & Maddy Fisher

Chief Sub-Editor
Chloe Bond 

VarSoc President
Jess Ma

Associate Editors 
Amy Batley, Joesph Powell, Caterina Bragoli, Gabriel Humphreys, Olivia Emily, Stephi Stacey, Zoe MW, Freya Lewis & Orsolya Petocz