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Meet the team: Michaelmas 2019

Maia Wyn Davies & Stephanie Stacey

Deputy Editors
Charlotte Lillywhite & Rosie Bradbury

Vulture Editor 
Lois Wright 

Deputy Vulture Editor 
Lottie Reeder

Digital Editor
Jess Ma

News Editors
Senior News Editors: Chloe Bayliss & Molly Killeen
Deputy News Editors: Marcus McCabe & Christopher Dorrell

Investigations Editors
Amy Batley, Inez Daltrop & Sophie Zhang

Opinion Editors
Senior Opinion Editors: Oliver Moodie & Olivia Emily
Deputy Opinion Editors: Alexandra Tsylnitska & Cordelia Sigurdsson

Features Editors
Howard Chae & Rianna Davis

Science Editors
Jess Sharpe & Marco Oechsner

Sport Editor
Michael Nguyen-Kim

Violet Editors
Bethan McGinley, Katy Bennett & Madeleine Wakeman

Arts Editors
Lydia Bunt & Nicholas Harris

Film & TV Editors
Anna Stephenson & Miles Ricketts

Music Editors
Alex Bolot & Samantha Pinches

Fashion Editors
Caterina Bragoli & Gabriel Humphreys

Lifestyle Editor
Kiran Khanom

Theatre Editors
Priya Edwards & Sarah Taylor

Interviews Editors
Conrad Barclay & Joanna Heywood

Switchboard Producer
Belle George

Chief Sub-Editor
Vivi Monasch 

VarSoc President
Catherine Lally

Associate Editors 
Isobel Bickersteth, Joe Cook, Oliver Rhodes & Raphael Korber Hoffman