Trinity Hall is investigating further sanctions against students who were present at the Crescents' Caesarian Sunday eventLouis Ashworth

The Trinity Hall Crescents are planning to disband in the wake of a filmed incident of a student speaking at a society event on Caesarian Sunday. In the video, the student mocks “inclusivity” as the “single biggest problem facing the Crescents in the modern age”.

A spokesperson for the University has told Varsity they understand that the drinking society intends to disband, and that the College is investigating “further sanctions”.

The Trinity Hall student, captured in the video saying, “I swim like someone who’s never had the money to go swimming”, has moved out of his college accommodation. According to a University spokesperson, the student did so “out of his own choice, to get some personal space”.

In light of the controversial video, members of the Crescents have been banned from the College bar, and the College is currently reviewing further sanctions against the students. The incident in the video is currently being investigated by the College, with the outcome of any disciplinary procedures not yet decided.


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The president of the Crescents met with senior members of Trinity Hall and signed a letter of apology to the College Master, Rev Dr Jeremy Morris. At the president’s request, other members of the Crescents also met with senior college members and signed letters of apology to the master.

The president of the Crescents has said that the speaker was “not affiliated with the Crescents”, but noted that a number of the students present were members of the society.

Following the incident, the College cancelled the Crescents’ annual garden party, an event hosted in the Trinity Hall Fellows’ Garden on the Sunday of May Week.

Dr William O’Reilly, acting senior tutor for Trinity Hall, said in an email to college students: “I do not wish to prejudge the outcome of that investigation but wish to assure you that the College will not allow the unacceptable behaviour of a minority impinge on the lives of the majority”.