The video pictures a number of unidentified students listening to the speechAnonymous video, via Grudgebridge

A video was leaked this afternoon to Facebook, showing a Cambridge student speaking at a gathering with members of the Trinity Hall Crescents, the College’s all-male drinking society. The speaker claims “inclusivity” is “the single biggest problem facing the Crescents in the modern age”.

The video, posted on the Grudgebridge page, was reportedly filmed at The Regal, the Cambridge Wetherspoon, on Caesarian Sunday, a day associated with drinking society activity. The video captures a man making a speech as part of what appears to be a contest to determine who should have to swim in the Emmanuel College pond.

The president of the Trinity Hall Crescents told Varsity that the student speaking was “not affiliated with the Crescents”. He added, “I am not a representative of the group pictured, but as president of the Crescents I in no way condone what was said.” However, he did confirm that a number of the audience members were part of the Crescents.

One student standing on a table in front of a crowd of members, said: “So, what is the single biggest problem facing the Crescents in the modern age? … Rhetorical, don’t answer that, it’s inclusivity. So, that leads me on quite nicely as to why I should swim in the [Emma] pond.”

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“Full disclaimer,” he continues. “I can’t swim very well, almost as if I’ve never had the money to pay for swimming lessons … I have, but I dislike it, it’s just snot-nosed kids putting their verrucas in the fucking pool.”

Someone interjects with a remark about a “Dad bod”, to which he replies “I’m coming onto that”. Again, he reiterates: “I swim like someone who’s never had the money to go swimming.”

The speaker then gives further reasons why he should swim in the pond: “This body also says inclusive … it says to everyone around college that, you know what, no matter how you look, how you dress you can …” before becoming inaudible.

The video shows one member of the group, in a red-striped shirt holding a pint, approaching the person fiming to ask him to stop. He said: “It’s not really on. It’s just like not really fair. This is the day when people have fun ... Do you mind?”

The filmer insists it is for his personal collection, but soon complies with the requests and desists from filming further.

A spokesperson said on behalf of Trinity Hall: “During a College society incident a man made some ill-judged remarks that have caused understandable concern and distress.

“Though the man was not a member of the society, the group has issued an unreserved apology for these remarks and emphasised it in no way condones any of the views and sentiments expressed.


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The spokesperson added that the Crescents “remains committed to being an open and inclusive society, and discrimination in any form is completely against its values and the behaviour it expects from its members.”​

Caesarian Sunday is traditionally an occasion for Cambridge students to drink on Jesus Green, as a final celebration before going into the revision period proper. Many of Cambridge’s college drinking societies take part, and hold initiation rituals on the day.

Grudgebridge is a Facebook page liked by nearly 5,000 people. The public video was taken down from the Grudgebridge page after being up for a number of hours. It was viewed over 2,200 times, and rapidly accumulated reactions, including comments such as “classic drinking soc bellends”.

Trinity Hall has said that they are investigating the matter further.

  • Last updated 8:26pm, 7th April 2018: this article was updated to include the fact that the video has been deleted from the Facebook page, and comment on behalf of Trinity Hall.