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A visit to the holy lands of Mecca and Medina holds a central place in the life of every Muslim. So much so that around 14 million people flocked to Saudi Arabia in 2023 to fulfil their religious duties. A significant part of this number is made up of Muslims living in Europe and North America. Many of these Muslims opt for different Umrah deals and packages that make it easy to travel to Saudi Arabia. The Umrah packages are going to be the centre of discussion for everyone planning to perform Umrah in the next few years.

What makes these packages a must-have for Muslims travelling from the UK is the peace of mind they bring. They are just like any other travel deal, allowing you to upgrade hotels, make the package all-inclusive, change flights, and extend your stay.

My pick for performing Umrah last year was Muslims Holy Travel; they offered a great package, and their customer service team was always available. When I travelled to perform Umrah for the first time in 2018 with another agency, I didn’t have a good experience. The spiritual part was fulfilling, but the services were pathetic, especially the hotels were poor. The group had to wait for 2 hours at the airport because the pickup vehicle broke.

A Glimpse of My Life and Desire to Perform Umrah

I was 5 when I came to the UK. My parents opened a takeaway here, and got me admitted to a school nearby. I pursued my education and stopped bothering about the new place. Rather than me adopting the culture, the British culture adopted me.

The time passed; I grew up, married, and got blessed by two lovely kids. Now I live in London with my family and parents. A joint family system is quite normal for Pakistani families living in the UK.

My parents were practicing Muslims and performed Umrah when they were in Pakistan. I loved listening to stories about their Umrah trip around 30 years ago. They would point out all the latest happenings in Mecca, the new hotels, the tall buildings, and the new laws.

All these stories developed a longing in me to visit the House of Allah at least once in my life. When I had the financials and time to travel, I asked around for a good travel agency offering Umrah deals. Finally, I got a name from my neighbors, but the experience didn’t turn out too great. I was helpless and couldn’t do anything. So, I decided to focus on performing Umrah and ignored the poor treatment I received from the tour company. I prayed to Allah during my trip to help me find a better travel agency for my next Umrah trip. Little did I know that He heard me.

My Second Umrah Encounter

I was lucky enough to visit Mecca for the second time in 2023. This time, I was careful before selecting the travel agency.

I shortlisted 5-6 agencies and checked the reviews, packages, and prices. Then I was able to select Muslims Holy Travel for my next Umrah. I dropped a message on their website, and they contacted me back immediately. The representative was a humble guy who was happy to help.

He listed all the suitable packages along with the included services. The major highlights of the package were 5-star hotels located close to the holy mosques in Mecca and Medina. Most packages were all-inclusive, with some even offering access to spas and fitness centers.

Another thing that caught my attention was guided tours to all the holy places in both cities. The deals also included visa processing, document handling, and flight booking.

I selected a package based on my preferences and travel dates. I wanted to make some adjustments to the package, which the company was happy to oblige. It was all set. My visa came soon, and I was ready to leave in a few days.

The anticipation of visiting the House of Allah for the second time was high just like the first time. As they say, anticipation is often greater than realization, but this time the realization was too good.

A guide travelled with us from Heathrow. The car was already waiting for us at the Jeddah airport when we landed. The guide instructed the passengers on how to wear Ihram and perform Umrah rituals. The guided tours were too good this time. Our guide explained the history of all the sacred places and gave us enough time to offer Nafawal at each spot. The best part was the refreshments on the tour.

I stayed seven nights apiece in Mecca and Medina. I cherished each moment in the holy cities. The peace of mind I got by booking a better package made my trip pleasant. I got maximum time to pray and seek Almighty’s blessings. I didn’t have to worry about unhygienic food or mosquitoes in hotel rooms.

Overall, the experience was fulfilling and satisfying.

Wrapping Up

Being the only son in the family, the onus of looking after my parents falls on me. This is innate in Pakistani culture: the kids have to look after their parents, just like the parents took care of the kids when they were young. It is my wish to take my wife, kids, and parents to perform Umrah in December or in Ramadan 2025. I will for sure select a family Umrah deal from Muslims Holy Travel and make my trip memorable.