The Labour MP won his fourth term in a row as Cambridge MPLOUIS ASHWORTH with permission for Varsity

Re-elected Cambridge MP, Daniel Zeichner, has declared that the newly elected Labour Party will get the country “back on track”.

The Labour MP secured his fourth consecutive term as Cambridge’s representative, receiving a total of 19,614 votes.

This victory comes as the Labour Party made significant gains nationwide, winning over 400 seats in the House of Commons.

Speaking to Cambridgeshire Independent, he stated that the real work has only just begun and that this marks a “very big change” for him.

He stated that the reality of having a Labour government was a “real thrill” and that he is confident that Sir Keir Starmer can lead a “much better” government.

He recognised the “chaos and instability that everyone has suffered” over the past few years and that he foresees “a period of calm and stability”, which will help people to get “back on track”.

Zeichner more specifically noted the severe impact of the cost of living crisis on many families. “The country can be much better than this,” he remarked.

He also said that the new government will make for a change and that it should give people cause for “hope and optimism”.

Zeichner previously studied history at King’s College, Cambridge and joined the Labour Party in 1979.

In North West Cambridgeshire, Cambridge Postgrad student Sam Carling won the constituency for Labour by 39 votes. This makes him the UK’s youngest MP.


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Cambridge postgrad wins seat in Parliament

A Varsity survey published the day before the July 4th General Election revealed that over 40% of Cambridge students had planned to vote Labour, although more than half reported not feeling represented by any political party.