Zeichner is expected to be made Secretary of State for Environment in Keir Starmer’s first governmentChris McAndrew via Wikimedia commons / https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Daniel Zeichner has retained his Cambridge seat in the General election.

Zeichner, the Shadow Secretary of State for Farming, won the seat for Labour by 11,078 votes, fending off the Liberal Democrats’ Cheney Payne in second place.

This came as the Labour Party made sweeping gains across the country, winning over 400 seats in the House of Commons.

Zeichner is expected to be made Secretary of State for Farming in Keir Starmer’s first government, sources close to the candidate told Varsity.

In third place were the Green Party who gained 4,678 votes, ahead of the Conservative party candidate who came in fourth.

Turnout at the election stood at 60%, down 7% from the 2019 vote.

The seat was earlier identified as a potential battleground between Labour and the Liberal Democrats, with last night’s exit poll predicting a close race.

However, the result was a comfortable win for Zeichner in the end.

Earlier this year, Zeichner was criticised in a protest by Climate Activist group This Is Not A Drill, who claimed Labour’s climate policy did not not provide voters with “any meaningful alternatives to [...] climate collapse”.

Speaking after his win, Zeichner said: “I am absolutely thrilled to be re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Cambridge, but looking at the results around the country it does look as if it is likely to be a Labour government and that is a very big change for me.”

“My entire time in parliament has been in opposition, this is a real thrill, the prospect of having a government that I can support and hopefully be a part of,” he continued.