The postgrad's win comes amid a landslide victory for his partySam Carling with permission for Varsity

A Cambridge Postgraduate student has won a seat in the House of Commons, making him the UK’s youngest MP.

Sam Carling, who is a current MPhil student at Christ’s College, won the North West Cambridgeshire for Labour constituency by 39 votes.

Carling, 22, becomes the first Labour MP to hold the constituency, which has been Conservative since it was created in 1997.

The victory saw Labour overturning a 25,983 Conservative majority in the constituency, with a 40% swing in their favour.

This came as Labour won a landslide general election victory across the UK, winning a majority of over 170 seats in the House of Commons.

Carling previously made news headlines when he became a councillor for West Chesterton Ward while still an undergraduate student.


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Carling has described himself as a “serial multitasker,” having served as president of Christ’s College’s JCR for two years, as well as co-chair of the Cambridge University Labour Club, debates officer at the Union, and a University Councillor.

He also supervises undergraduates studying the biology of cells module in the Natural Sciences Tripos.

Cambridge’s Labour Club (CULC) has supported Carling’s campaign, telling Varsity upon his selection: “Sam has been a friend and ally to CULC and has worked tirelessly to support young people in entering politics.”