The chapel was covered in paint last night, but was largely clean again by 10 amAnonymous with permission for Varsity

Activists splashed Trinity College chapel with red paint last night, in a protest against the institutions’ alleged investments in Israeli arms companies.

This is Not a Drill, the group behind the protest, claims that Trinity College has invested over £60,000 in Elbit Systems, a company that supplies the Israeli military with drones and land-based equipment. Trinity also holds £2.5 million in Caterpillar and £3 million in General Electric, both of which have been said to supply the Israeli military with weaponry.

In total, This is Not a Drill claim that Trinity College has over £7 million invested in companies directly involved in supplying the Israeli military with arms.

This is Not a Drill allege that the College has over £7 million invested in companies supplying the Israeli military with armsThis is Not a Drill with permission for Varsity

The red graffiti was accompanied by a message in yellow paint, reading: “Divest from genocide”. One member of the group said that “Trinity College makes a profit off of the murders of Palestinians” and accused the institution of “greenwashing its image” by divesting from fossil fuels but not arms companies.

In March, the College was handed a legal notice by a UK human rights group in relation to their investments in Elbit Systems.

The protest was staged overnight, with the paint already having been largely washed off the Chapel walls by 10 am this morning.

Pressure on Trinity to cut ties with Israel is ongoing, following a student protest outside the College last month, with another planned for tomorrow (27/04).


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Student climate protester condemns Cambridge’s fossil fuel ties

One member of the group said: “The fact that the College has divested from fossil fuels but not from these arms companies makes it clear that its priorities are staying rich and greenwashing its image. These wealthy institutions need to cut their ties with the corporations that sell the tools of occupation and genocide to the Israeli state.”

Last month, This Is Not a Drill targeted the University's Maxwell Centre, tagging the building with a message reading “We charge you with Genocide”.

The Maxwell Centre is home to Cambridge’s Laboratory for Scientific Computing, a research group with links to arms suppliers in the Middle East including Boeing and BAE Systems, as well as Schlumberger, one of the world’s largest fossil fuel service companies.

Trinity College and the University of Cambridge have been contacted for comment.