The maintenance work is expected to be completed by the 4th of MayGeoff Jones / Flickr

Jesus Green Lido, a popular attraction for Cambridge students over the summer, has been closed for refurbishments until the beginning of May.

The swimming spot shut its gates today, and will not reopen until at least the 4th of May, according to the council.

The lido celebrated its hundredth anniversary last year, and is one of Europe’s longest outdoor pools, at 100 yards.

The pool will be closed for at least a month while it undergoes maintenance work. This period of refurbishment will come at the beginning of Easter term, its most popular period among students.

A spokesperson for Cambridge City Council told Cambridgeshire Live: “The Jesus Green Lido will be closed for maintenance from Tuesday 2 April to Friday 3 May. The lido will reopen on Saturday 4 May.”

The Council has said that memberships to the lido will be made valid for all other Cambridge pools until the refurbishment works are complete.


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Unbuilt pool could cost the University £600,000

One Cambridge student said of the news: “It’s a shame that the lido will be shut for the first part of Easter term, just as the weather gets nice and everyone starts to enjoy the Summer in Cambridge.”

Jesus Green is otherwise popular among Cambridge students for Caesarian Sunday, a traditional day of drinking held in the park before the exam season begins.

C-Sunday, as it is known among students, is set to take place on the 5th of May, according to users of the student Facebook page Camfess.