In 2022, use of the coat of arms on postgraduate dissertations caused confusion, with students advised to use their college crests insteadWith permission for Varsity

A local KFC branch has flocked to remove a spoof poster after a copyright complaint. The parody poster depicted the University of Cambridge’s Coat of Arms, replacing the traditional lions and central bible in favour of four KFC chickens and the iconic Colonel Sanders logo.

KFC frequenters will have noticed that the St Andrews Street Branch depicts a range of Cambridge themed posters such as anthropomorphic chickens punting beneath the Bridge of Sighs and chickens cycling through the city.

The parody Coat of Arms was visible from the street outside, and placed next to the self-service machines. However, the central ‘chicken crest’ kicked the bargain bucket earlier this year after concerns regarding copyright infringement.

A University spokesperson commented that: “The University appreciated the retail strategy’s creativity, but like all organisations we need to ensure our trademark is used correctly so that it means as much to future generations as it does today. KFC gladly complied with our request to use alternative decorative elements.”


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Thesis submissions exempt from logo restrictions as part of an ‘unwritten rule’, University clarifies

Previously, the University has come under fire for their strict regulations around use of the Cambridge Coat of Arms. Last year, the University was forced to clarify the usage of the Coat of Arms on thesis submissions for postgraduate students.

The confusion began when a page on the University’s website stated that the logo “should not be used anywhere as your thesis is your work and not the work of the University. If you wish to use a logo on your title page or the cover of your thesis, you are advised to ask your College about the use of their logo.” However, the University later clarified that an “unwritten rule” exempted thesis submissions

In regards to trademark and licensing, the university website states: “The University of Cambridge name and Coat of Arms not only form a key role in the internal branding of the University, but they also represent the reputation of the University externally and internationally.”

KFC was also contacted for comment.