The southwest coast has been issued with a rare red weather warningJohannes Plenio/UNSPLASH

After initially setting a yellow weather warning for Friday, the Met Office have updated this to an amber warning, after it was predicted that winds could reach 60-70mph. The warning will be in effect from 5am-9pm tomorrow.

The Met Office said that the storm could cause “significant disruption”, and that flying debris “could result in a danger to life.”

In an email sent to students, the University warned that the storm could cause “significant disruption and danger”, such as flying debris, power cuts, damage to buildings, falling branches and uprooted trees.

Students have also been told to avoid “all walkways where you are passing close to or under trees”, and that students should contact the University Security Control Centre if they notice anything “potentially harmful or dangerous”.

Some colleges have also contacted students to inform them of the precautions being taken. Students at Murray Edwards were told that the gardening and maintenance departments will be restricting access to areas under trees, where there are risks of branches falling.

The southwest coast of the country has been issued with a rare red weather warning, as winds could reach over 90mph.