The non-CUSU presidential candidates

Voting has opened in the annual elections to select new sabbatical officers for CUSU and the Graduate Union (GU), and to pick a new University Council representative.

From 9am today, students can cast their votes via the hub on CUSU’s website (Raven login required).

All the votes are conducted via an order of preferences, meaning students’ second choices could be impactful in tight elections. Every role has a Re-Open Nomination (RON) option, which if successful would trigger a by-election.

Students may vote in all categories, with the following exceptions: all self-identifying women or non-binary students may vote for women’s officer; only self-defining disabled students may vote for disabled students’ officer; and only mature student, postgrads and fourth years may vote for the graduate union president.

Evie Aspinall, Connor MacDonald, and Siyang Wei: this year’s CUSU presidential candidatesMathias Gjesdal Hammer

Voting will close at 5pm on Friday, with the successful candidates announced shortly after.

This year’s elections have already seen several notable clashes, with a tight presidential face, an access and funding competition marked by acrimony, and a warning issued in the GU presidential race for rule-breaking.


Mountain View

Poll: Who should be CUSU’s next President?

All the candidates went face-to-face at hustings on Sunday night. A full video and blow-by-blow live reporting can be found here. Varsity has made a policy grid of where the CUSU presidential candidates stand on the key issues.

Full information about the elections, including candidate profiles, may be found at Varsity’s elections hub.

The successful candidates for sabbatical roles will take up their position in July, with a by-election for the position of ethical affairs officer, for which there were no applicants, set to be held in the next two terms.

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