Travel, quarrel, and separation: this is the journey of Ulysses Wells’ music video for single “You Wanted It Over” in a nutshell. Stemming from his highly anticipated second EP, titled Mend a Man, this latest single brings out the garage rock and hard-hitting lyrics that distinctly characterise the musician’s style. This July, I was lucky enough to sit down with Wells to explore the behind-the-scenes of this new track.

“It’s a very simple idea.” explains Wells, “The video starts with a traditional romantic beginning: a guy in a fast car with a beautiful girl on an island. And then it all gets turned upside down, in classic me fashion, and ends up going into something a bit gross. But the music video also showcases the Isle of Wight, which I think is magic in its own right. The song was written and recorded on the island.”

“I think one person always finds a break-up a bit easier than the other”

Coming together within the space of a week, the music video is beautifully crafted and accentuates the different approaches of the two protagonists, played by actress Lily Catalifo and Wells himself. “The main idea that me and editor Charlie Price wanted to get across was that the girl goes off, has a nice time, and gets over the relationship very quickly.” states Wells, “And by way of contrast, the dude ends up in a clay pit.

The music video for "You Wanted It Over" was shot in the Isle of WightYOUTUBE/ ULYSSES WELLS

I guess this contrast between man and woman is ultimately how one always thinks of a break-up, but this isn’t necessarily true. There’s just the prominent idea that one of them struggles more - I think one person always finds a break-up a bit easier than the other. I’m climbing down the cliffs and having this horrible time, while she’s off drinking and having fun, dancing on the beach by a fire and her friends. It’s a sort of woe-is-me situation.”

“a seemingly idyllic scene descends into a heated argument”

The song’s lyrics and backing music skilfully reflect this couple’s tumultuous journey from the male perspective. As a seemingly idyllic scene descends into a heated argument, Wells is led to introspective reflection: ‘No, I can’t help the way I’m feeling / I hope it’ll pass just like before’, and futile, exasperated attempts at reconciliation: ‘I can wait for you girl, but please come tell me the truth’.


Mountain View

Ulysses Wells: Can’t Take It Much Longer

When Catalifo drives away without Wells, the music gives way to heavy guitar backing and the musician’s inner frustration is released with the question, ‘Is there something else that you’re hiding?’, followed instantly by his own pleading response in the refrain, ‘Tell me so I can move on’. While the girl remains seemingly unaffected and detached from the break-up, Wells’ lyrics continue to revolve around her: ‘I see your face in every window, you got me feeling black and blue’. Both parties end up in uncharted waters, but one kind is murkier than the other. As Wells says: “We wanted to use all the typical clichés throughout. The girl’s having fun in the sea, but I end up in a mud pit with a guitar.”

“[the EP] highlights the rocky journey to recovery after a lost love”

The single perfectly encapsulates the ‘fight’ theme of Wells’ second EP and highlights the rocky journey to recovery after a lost love. As Wells throws his guitar into the surrounding mud as a final defiant gesture, he sets a tone of heightened intrigue for the remaining songs of his EP and leaves his viewers to contemplate what could possibly follow this act.

Ulysses Wells’ full EP will be out on 21st October 2021 on all major streaming platforms.