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This is going to be more of a love letter than a review. Geographically, I am as close as I could possibly be to Aromi (Corpus is, in fact, on the same street) and I have tried the vast majority of what it has to offer, including the gelato flavours. My first birthday of first year was celebrated in Aromi; it became a haven in the trials of second year and was my first post-lockdown meal out. On the last day before the new lockdown, we went to Aromi.

Whilst I’m sure the vast majority of Cambridge students have visited one of Aromi’s three fantastic cafes, my review comes alongside new rules and a new way of life. With this, we have shifted into the takeaway realm, a still thriving sector and something to brighten the next four weeks with your household. There has never been a better time to recommend Aromi’s not one, but two, delivery services.

“The balance of sweet peppers and salty pancetta is mouth-watering.”

If you’re not in the mood for a takeaway from the store, if you use foodstuffcambs (my go to service for all of the Cambridge independents), you can have all of the classics cycled to your plodge. Aromi’s cafe has two main options: their pizzas and their focaccia sandwiches. Their sourdough focaccia is exceptional, fermented for 48 hours, which gives it an original texture. They offer a variety of flavours, but I have narrowed down my favourite to their pancetta focaccia. The balance of sweet peppers and salty pancetta is mouth-watering.

When it comes to dolci - the Italian desserts - most flock to the cannoli. My preference, however, is the chocolate and pistachio biscotti (vegan) or the torta pistachio. It shocks me to think back to a time where I didn’t rate pistachio; anyone who tries to deny that pistachio is the best flavour will surely be swayed by Aromi’s gelato.

“When it comes to authentic Italian cuisine, Aromi is the front runner.”

For those of you, who, like me, are already old fans of the standard menu, Aromi has also launched a new service via Deliveroo. This service offers whole pizzas in the classic Aromi flavours, alongside smaller focaccias and sweet pizzas. This has opened up a whole new opportunity for Aromi fans like myself. Where the Aromi classics may only satisfy your appetite at lunch, the new Aromi pizzas are the perfect size for dinner. My choice was the Sicilian classic Caponata pizza, which takes the Aubergine agrodolce stew to a new level. I also tried their olive focaccia which lived up to my high expectations. On the menu, there’s even a pistachio spread pizza, as well as a Nutella pizza which will be on my next order.


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Ultimately, when it comes to authentic Italian cuisine, Aromi is the front runner. Aromi began as Caffe’ Cipriani in Sicily in 1957 and came to Cambridge in 2013. For me, it has become a highlight among the Cambridge cafes and whether it’s an essay crisis or a celebration, I’ll probably be in the queue that extends along Benet St.