Illustration by Linda Yu

And finally gliding across the flat expanse
the heat inside me has learnt to glow
starting as a small ember of hope
in all the pain and sorrow.
This vast space given it a place to grow
for letting the icy cold in
meant it could start
to spread so far within,
giving life back to my aching limbs,
the energy to dance so free
for only the sea creatures to see,
to twist and turn among these forests,
wandering in places seaweed calls home.
The heat never reaches my head nor toes
yet the grey endless expanse
asks me to let go;
to stroke to tumble to flow
in rhythmic movements, bubbles blown.
There are no paths to follow now;
the grass here is never mown.
Truly: the freedom to go anywhere.
Diving under is to
soar upwards, and float,
this salty blanket all the comfort I need
so even when I’m in a shivering state
all I need to do is lift my head
and the fire in me will begin to spread.


Mountain View

Rainy Wishes: a poem

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