Illustration by Bella Biddle

And on a darkened night

The rain is a river in the cobbled street,

Passing by houses of people we’ll never meet

I follow the double yellow lines round the curb –

No time to be disturbed, for thought to cease.

But I wish to feel each inch of my foot

Rolling softly on the ground

Yet that’s never fast enough;

I don’t actually want to be found…


I wish to stop and let the rain caress me

Yet still then, each drop is sea-bound and

I cannot bear to stop at this red light

Because stopping here means falling off;

Trying to exist, as day merges into night.


I know the world exists

In connections, in flows, in goes

But I wish the water didn’t diverge

And we didn’t have to walk alone.

Each droplet now a brimful bath

Encasing it all, smothered in foam.


Mountain View

Growing Forest Seeds: a poem

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