Illustration by Victoria Chong

I don’t know how they’re here;

Hunting deer on darkened nights,

Trespassing through my forest rights,

Cutting down trees, looking for more.

Suddenly it was all set alight;

My limbs burn into shadows

Then hasten into ashes bright.

I give myself – best not to fight.

Orange flames, scolding lips,

Smoking eyes, raging lies,

Fire ablaze now, stuck in here,

Torturing my head for days.

Controls gone, boundaries breached,

But dawn will come to cast a haze,

Teaching apart to come together,

Planting trees in any weather.

Learning to stand tall on my own

Yet sprouting singing roots that spark

An ecosystem, home-grown, sown

For an inclusive, equal life.

The ashes of this long, long night

Nourish a chance to grow

So, why not come and sow with me

Each and every single tree.


Mountain View

Can art make us healthy?

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