Fitz now has special mugs dedicated to its new college goat

The College’s Admissions and Tutorial Office posted pictures of the Leo themed mugs on Instagram

Devarshi Lodhia

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Burn that too-garish-to-be-ironic college rowing blazer, throw that generic University of Cambridge hoodie you can probably get from any tourist shop in London in the bin, and forget that Varsity sweatshirt that lets everyone in a 100 metre radius know you’d stab them in the back for a week’s unpaid work experience at The Guardian – Fitz have officially changed the stash game forever.

To honour their already iconic goat, Leo, the College Admissions and Tutorials Office announced on Instagram they’ve had a pair of mugs specially made featuring the new college mascot.

Yaaaas Fitz spill the teaInstagram/Fitzwilliam College

And it’s easy to understand why, with his cheeky-chappy charm and outrageously luscious locks, Leo has become somewhat of a cult figure within Fitz despite not even living in College.

Who wouldn't want that face on their mug?

In their excitement, one incoming fresher told Violet: “He’s the best thing to happen to the college since Vince Cable.”

Another at the famously football-mad college said: “Messi has nothing on our Leo, he’s the real GOAT.”


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Perhaps even more impressively, Leo has managed to amass a legion of fans beyond the hill college, with a Wolfson third year saying: “This is definitely a step up from the Diana and Charles memorial half pint glass that haunted my kitchen in first year.”  

While the mugs are currently not for sale, the Fitz Admissions Office said on Instagram: “watch this space the Leo cup could go mainstream” leading to hopes of Leo mugs going on general sale soon. 

Here’s hoping Lucy Cav up their game and announce a range of guinea pig themed decorative plates soon...