The hosts begin by speaking to Alex Haydn-Williams and Cate Horne from BAIT, a termly Cambridge art and culture zine. They explain the origins of the magazine and how the pandemic has impacted their work. (1:21). 

Switchboard S2, Ep.10Theo Fitzpatrick

Next, Fred Duffen and Yvette Murphy from Selwyn College choir tell the hosts about how the choir continued during lockdown 1.0 and 2.0, outlining the safety measures that have been adopted and highlighting the increased engagement that their choral evensong services have had online. (10:35).

The hosts turn to discuss innovative ideas that came about during lockdown in an effort to spread positivity. They speak to Tom McGachie, creator of Cambrovision - an online competition where students from Cambridge and beyond could vote for their favourite Eurovision entry. He outlines how this competition worked and the incredible response from students and university staff. (17:50).

Continuing the discussion on the importance of music during a crisis, Maddy and Isabel speak to Amber De Ruyt, the creator and co-producer of ‘Ordinary Days’. This musical had its scheduled performances cut short due to the announcement of the second lockdown in November. Amber explains how the production operated under social distancing guidelines and the astonishing morale of the theatre community during this uncertain time. (22.50).

Next, we check back in with Alex Haydn-Williams from BAIT about the pressures to be creative during unprecedented moments like the pandemic. He explains that while it was difficult to be productive over the first lockdown, having a small creative task, something he hopes BAIT provides for people, can be a useful form of escapism. (32:18).

Finally, Prerona Prasad, curator of the Heong Gallery at Downing College, speaks to the hosts about how lockdown, and subsequently moving the galleries online, has redirected focus onto previously neglected areas, such as accessibility. She highlights the value of art in giving direction and purpose during such challenging times and emphasises her hope that when galleries are able to reopen again, they establish access as a key commitment and principle. (35:10).

From all of the Switchboard season two team, we would like to thank you for joining us this term and wish you all a Happy Holiday!


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Switchboard: Behind the Headlines – Sexual Assault Procedure at Cambridge (S2, Ep.9)

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