Content note: This episode contains mentions of sexual assault, harassment, and abuse.

Nine months after the investigation into the mishandling of sexual assault complaints by senior members of college staff at Trinity Hall was published, the hosts ask, has anything changed?

Switchboard S2, Ep.9Juliet Babinksy

Switchboard talks to an anonymous student from Homerton college about the recent allegations of mishandled sexual misconduct and disciplinary complaints. (1:10).

Journalists Ella Hill and Chris Cook from the media company Tortoise, who originally broke the story of Trinity Hall’s sexual assault allegations mishandling, discuss how they came to cover the story, and Cambridge’s inadequacy of dealing with complaints compared to other universities. (9:05).

The hosts talk to Marina McCready and Antonia Harrison, the founders of the Cambridge Loud and Clear society, about what their society is doing to create a zero-tolerance policy against sexual misconduct in the university, and why college culture has led to mishandling of claims. (14:22).

Student university counsellor Freddie Poser talks to Switchboard about his manifesto, which pushes for a centralized sexual harassment reporting procedure, why he believes it’s necessary, and the obstacles in the way of such change. (21:40).

Finally, the hosts talk to Chris Down, investigator at Office of Student Content, Complaints and Appeals about the procedure of dealing with reports of sexual misconduct, and how the Coronavirus pandemic is preventing students coming forward. (31:31).

If you’ve been affected by these issues and are in need of support, please visit the University Counselling Service to request a sexual assault or harassment advisor. If you would like to report a case of sexual harassment or assault, please visit the Student Complaints page.


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Switchboard: The Push for Divestment at Cambridge (S2, Ep.8)

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