"It's not always about buying the mag. A lot of people just come and have a chat to me, cups of tea...there's a million and one things to do."

Video: Lee's Story. Filmed, directed and edited by Tommie Trelawny Vernon

In the latest edition of Varsity Meets, video reporter Tommie spoke to Big Issue seller and franchise owner Lee about his lockdown experience and the work he did with former Archbishop and Master of Magdalene College Rowan Williams to support people currently sleeping rough in Cambridge.

In the past year, homelessness in Cambridge city has increased by 20%, against a potential 9% reduction across the nation. In 2018-19, 158 people were verified as sleeping rough in the city across the year.

You can find out more about It Takes a City and how you can support them by clicking here. Or visit the Street Support website and find out how you can help, either in Cambridge or at home. 

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Mountain View

Cambridge City Council to guarantee rents to combat homelessness

Other charities combatting homelessness in Cambridge and across the UK include: 

Jimmy's Cambridge 

Winter Comfort

Shelter (England)

Centrepoint UK