Harry Kettle with permission for Varsity

Who is your sporting idol?

It is the community that stands out. From the strength of student caving to inter-generational expeditions, teamwork is so built into caving that people rarely shine alone.

Best sporting moment? 

Returning to the surface after two (mildly traumatic) days in the Berger [a cave in the French Alps]: the sunny light of day and salty crisps. Or getting to name a newly discovered cave on expedition.

Worst sporting moment?

Some things shouldn’t be shared! (But also related to that Berger trip!)

Why caving?

Deep friendship and otherworldly adventure.

What is the best bit about being captain?

Introducing new people to the world of caving!

Worst bit about being captain?

Admin and making sure logistics work out.

Is it easy for beginners to join?

Yes! Most people join caving as total beginners in student clubs. All you need is keenness and general fitness (eg happy with a little bit of hillwalking, scrambling, crawling). No kit or experience required.

Who could a beginner contact to get involved?

caving-president@srcf.net, or Tuesday pub (join the mailing list for details). 

What might a typical training session look like?


Mountain View

Captain’s Corner: Korfball

After packing kit on a Thursday, we meet at the Tackle Store on Friday evening and set off to a caving region. We stay in caving huts, cave on Saturday and Sunday (spending the evenings with communal food and caving games), then head back Sunday night.

When/where is training held?

Weekends. In Yorkshire, north/south Wales, Derbyshire, or Mendip (or in the trees on Jesus Green).

Funniest moment with the team?

15 cavers spinning round the ‘Washing Machine’ whirlpool with inflatable llama rings.

Varsity predictions?

Caving is non competitive! Though you might forget that when witnessing some of the caving games.