Lucy Kirkwood with permission for Varsity

Who is your sporting idol?

A cyclist, not a korfballer, but has to be Tadej Pogačar – he always seems to ride for pure fun which makes him likeable and exciting to watch.

Best sporting moment?

Winning the 11th–12th play off at BUCS Nationals last year. It was one of my favourite matches I’ve played in as it was so close and competitive and we all played so well to end up with the win.

Why your sport?

It’s the best parts of netball and basketball combined into one sport. I also really like that we’re a competitive uni team while still being very chilled and friendly. Also, everyone who plays korf is guaranteed to be absolutely lovely. It’s just a fact.

What is the best bit about being captain?

Working with all the lovely committee. We all get on really well, and it’s a pleasure to run the club with them.

Worst bit about being captain?

Organising transport to away matches. Trying to get two teams and two posts to BUCS had me very stressed … though I am now an expert on the Cambridgeshire bus system!

Is it easy for beginners to join?

Very! Most people (including me!) had never even heard of korf before coming to uni, so lots of people start at the club as a beginner. It’s also very easy to pick up, especially if you have a background in netball or basketball.

Who could a beginner contact to get involved?

Drop us a message on our Instagram @camunikorfball and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

What might a typical training session look like?

A quick warm up, some fun drills/practice in smaller groups and then plenty of time for games at the end.


Mountain View

Captain’s Corner: Revolver and Pistol Club

When/where is training held?

Wednesday 8–10pm and Sunday 3–4pm at the Uni Sports Centre.

Who should we look out for this year?

Teo Wator and Eric Langezaal. Eric is new to Cambridge but grew up playing korf in the Netherlands – he’s been teaching us a lot more than we’ve taught him!

Varsity predictions?

Oxford have a very strong team this year so it’s going to be a tough game, but we’ll certainly try our best to bring home the win!