Captain Xian Stewart representing the Revolver and Pistol Club at the University sports fair Cambridge University Revolver and Pistol Club

Why shooting?

I’ve never been in a range anywhere without hearing at least one person saying: “This is very therapeutic!”

What makes the Revolver and Pistols Club different to other Cambridge shooting societies?

We’re one of the only clubs to have a secret second sport – we also shoot .22 gallery rifle in our long range, and even more variation comes at our Bisley trips!

What are the most important skills for shooters?

Upper body strength, breathing and hand-eye coordination all play a part, but most of all it’s about feeling in control and being in the present.

Any tips for keeping a steady hand?

Check you have a nice stable platform with your feet, keep that pinky finger pressure going, breathe in, breathe out, and squeeze the trigger. Any other secrets are held by our wonderful and dedicated coach Jim!

Where would be best for a beginner to start?

Right with us is the best place to be! Shooting is an ageing sport, so student clubs are the best place to get beginner friendly coaching; plus, you can go with your friends!

What makes the revolver and pistols team the best?

We’re a smaller club than most, and all our members are so passionate about what they do. It makes for great socials, and a sense that your voice really matters when it comes to where the club is headed. Also, I’ve never met a happier, friendlier bunch of people!


Mountain View

Captain’s Corner: Modern Pentathlon

What is the best bit about being captain?

Getting to work with my amazing committee: it’s been so inspiring seeing everyone work so hard to bring great experiences and value to all our lovely members. The club wouldn’t be here without them!

Worst bit about being captain?

I have never seen so many Word document-based forms and paperwork in my life.

Varsity predictions?

It’s looking like we’ll keep a hold of the Varsity trophy for another year: our members are ready to make sure of that!

Where can we follow the Revolver and Pistols Club in Cambridge?

You can follow us on Instagram @cu.rpc, and any questions can be sent to our comms officer YY and myself at