Rudi in action in a horse riding event Dr Cassius Clark

Who is your sporting idol?

Joe Choong

What is your best sporting moment?

Winning Varsity as captain of the Modern Pentathlon team

Why pentathlon?

I love the diversity of different sports and the mixture of physicality and skill required

Favourite event?

Fencing or horse riding, close competition

Least favourite event?


If you had to add an event, what would it be?

Skiing (very unrealistic)

Is it tricky to balance training for five different events?

Yes but it is very fulfilling and you never get bored

How easy is it for beginners to pick up?

Very easy, we teach you everything you need to know at the club and it is a lot of fun from the beginning. To become more experienced takes time

Any pre-match or race rituals?

Listening to music, typically something to get the blood flowing like Lucky Daye

What makes the pentathlon team the best?

The family atmosphere :)

Who should we look out for this year?

Myself, Tads and all of the newbies we’ve taken under our wing, it’s going to be a huge year for the team.


Mountain View

Captain’s Corner: Gymnastics

What is the best bit about being captain?

Being able to share my skills with the team and see everyone improve under my instruction

Worst bit about being captain?

There isn’t a worst bit but maybe the admin. Nobody likes admin :)

Varsity predictions?

A victory for the light blues!!!!

Where can we follow pentathlon in Cambridge?

On @cambridgeunipentathlon