CUAC Captain Milly DickinsonCambridge University Athletics Club with permission for Varsity

Who is your sporting idol?

Keely Hodgkinson. I raced her growing up, and seeing her setting records and consistently medalling on the world stage at such a young age is inspiring. She seems to really enjoy what she does and balances everything so well.

What is your best sporting moment?

Winning all selected matches in Varsity last year. After some devastating losses the year before, the comeback made it even sweeter.

Worst sporting moment?

Running the Varsity course at Shotover in Oxford. 6k of wishing I could just stop and have a lie down every time the hills came.

Why running?

Running is such a universal sport – you can do it pretty much anywhere, with little equipment, and it doesn’t require much time. It’s great for exploring new areas and getting some alone time. Plus, I’m probably not coordinated enough for other sports.

Top songs to run to?

‘Cruel Summer’ by Taylor Swift or ‘Fire’ by Kasabian.

Morning or evening runs?

Morning for easy runs, evening for sessions.

Any pre-race rituals?

Taking more caffeine than is probably medically advisable, even if the race is at 10pm.

What makes the Hare and Hounds the best?

The range of people you meet, and how friendly and welcoming everyone is.

What is the best bit about being captain?

Having more of an excuse to talk about running.

Worst bit about being captain?

I would say the excessive admin, but I love it really.

Is it easy for beginners to join?

We have an amazing development squad, leading runs several times a week, as well as a 5k in Fresher’s Week. Plus, our club is special in that we have a Varsity match that is genuinely open to everyone. It’s in Cambridge this year (26 November), so please come along!

What might a typical training session look like?

Lots of laps of Churchill playing fields. Usually efforts of varying lengths, eg 3–5 × 3’, 2’, 1’.


Mountain View

Captains’ Corner: Kendo

Who should we look out for this year?

Poppy Craig-McFeely. Never seen a better turnaround in two months than her lead-up to last year’s Blues cross country.

Funniest moment with the team?

The BUCS afterparty celebrating our four medals, and the hungover coach back the next day.

Varsity predictions?

7–0. Even if it means I have to get a Hare-y tattoo.

Where can we follow the Hare and Hounds?

@cambridge_runs on Instagram.

Want to get involved with the Hare and Hounds? The fresher’s 5k taking place on 7 October is a great way to get started. You can sign up here.