Zhe defends himselfZhengkang Qu

Best sporting moment? Xinyi Chen (Club Coach and Women’s Captain): Winning a clear point on a taller opponent’s head – better still, it was during our team match.

Worst sporting moment? XC: When my sword got stuck under the opponent’s elbow and I failed to inform the referee in time, which meant I lost one point.

Most embarrassing sporting moment? XC: Same as above, although there was an equally embarrassing moment during my first match ever – I lost after being pushed out of boundary twice…

Best victory for Cambridge?  XC: Uni Taikai! Our team came in second place among universities from all around the country!

Zhe Xue (Men’s Captain): For me it is Varsity 2022, as it was our first victory in almost a decade…

Best thing about being a captain? ZX: Being able to support my teammates when they need it. This feeling is magical and encourages me to keep going.

Worst thing about being a captain? ZX: Administrative work.

Xinyi wields her swordZhe Xue

Why is your sport the best? XC: As a martial art, kendo has aesthetic, philosophical, and meditative aspects. Kendo has a very welcoming community. I often travel with my armour and practice with local people. Visitors are almost always exempt from club fees and kindly lent bamboo swords, which are troublesome to bring on flights.

Who has the best chat in the team? ZX: Daishi San is our social star! During our short trip to Edinburgh, he quickly made friends with many people from London.

If only X went to Cambridge, we’d win every game... XC: The team competition for kendo is made up of individual fights, so every single team member really has to work hard and bring the victory together.


Mountain View

Captain's Corner: MMA

Lastly, any anecdotes you’d like to share from your time in your Cambridge sports club? XC: We conquered Arthur’s Seat in the afternoon before the second day of Uni Taikai in Edinburgh!

ZX: It was a crazy decision, as we still had matches the following day. But on that day I saw the most beautiful Edinburgh in my life.

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