Charlie gives it full blue steelGuantong Di

Why is your sport the best? No other combat sport is as complete. Mixed Martial Arts integrates the best techniques from boxing, muay thai, wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and judo. It is as realistic and effective as it gets. 

What has been your favourite moment as captain? The overwhelming interest at the Freshers’ Fair and watching our complete beginners grow in confidence and ability. Some of them are even making their debut at Varsity 2023! 

What is your best sporting moment? My first amateur MMA fight at Varsity last year in Oxford. It was an honour to share the cage with my opponent who was an absolute warrior.  

What is your worst sporting moment? Losing my Varsity match (which I was winning) due to injury. I ended up hurting my shoulder from hitting my opponent!  

Is MMA safe? Beyond protective equipment, our coaches emphasise developing rapport with training partners for the sparring intensity to be controlled. We usually “play spar” which allows us to focus more on technique while reducing the risk of injury. 

No, really, is it safe? Safe in the knowledge that I have the cardio to run away if confronted on the street. 


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Captain's Corner: Rugby League

What's it like being kicked in the face? Depends. Through a shin guard and controlled? Like a slap. Shin bone on the jaw or temple? Lights out. 

What kind of fighter are you? I like to think I am a composed and technical fighter who has a complete game. That said, I am guilty of the occasional troll move. 

Favourite move? On the feet is the spinning back kick. Hard to pull off but when it lands it hurts. Favourite submission is probably the arm triangle as it is such a high-percentage [highly effective] move.  

Would you describe yourself as a masochist? No, I am a sadist. All jokes aside I care deeply for all my training partners. 

Who is the funniest on the team? Ayman – he does an uncanny impression of former UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. Grapples like him too.  

Ones to watch at Varsity 2023? Definitely our new competition squad members Myles and Robert. It's been heartwarming and really impressive seeing them come so far this year. 

How can we watch you in Varsity? MMA Varsity is coming to Cambridge for the first time on Saturday 18 March at 3pm at the University Sports Centre Sports Hall. Tickets are available on FIXR through our Instagram (@cambridgeunimma) and Facebook bios.