Karl Paul Parmakson, table tennis captain

Best sporting moment? Beating the Oxford men's captain at Varsity.

Most embarrassing moment? 1⁠–9 and 2⁠–8 defeats at last season's Varsity.

Best victory? No Varsity defeat for 18 years in a row for the men's first team (2004⁠–2021).

Worst defeat? 0 vs 17 defeat in BUCS against the UEA team last week, winning just one set in total.

Worst thing about being a captain? Being the club's eternal car driver for BUCS.

Why is your sport the best? Equipment is easy to carry, and it's easy to find people who like table tennis anywhere.

Jinheum Park, club secretary

Why is your sports club the best? Table tennis on Friday night!

Who has the best chat in the team? Karl.


Mountain View

Captain’s Corner: Football

One to watch? Mitsuki Zhu and Rocky Yu.

How can we follow Cambridge Table Tennis? @camunitabletennis