Fran Steele showing off her silky skills

Sporting idol? Any of the players in the England Women’s Euro 2022 squad.

Best moment? My first call up for Youth National Team when I was 14 years old.

Worst moment? Missing a penalty in Varsity 2022. It still hurts.

Most embarrassing moment? Getting smashed in the head by the ball, it wiping me out, getting concussed and it all being on video.

Best victory? Against Worcester away to secure our spot in the league.

Worst defeat? Against Oxford in Varsity 2022. We deserved to win, I promise, which is why it hurt so much.

Best thing about being a captain? The honour to captain such a great club with the best team I could ask for.

Worst thing about being a captain? ADMIN ADMIN ADMIN.

Why is football the best? Every game is completely different, every player is completely unique and chasing a ball around for 90 minutes is pretty fun, I guess.

Why is the women’s football club the best? We have such a close-knit team on and off the pitch with the best socials. We even have a pre-season social schedule with activities organised most days.

Who has the best chat? Belle Rostron. She will chew your ear off but she has great banter. Everyone gets a little ab workout at training from laughing.

Who receives the most fines and why? Belle Rostron, again. I might have to start telling her that training starts twenty minutes earlier than it does so she can leave Greggs on time to make the warm-up.

One to watch? Neve Mayes is coming back from injury. She didn’t get to play much in her first season due to Covid, and then unfortunately picked up a knee injury. She’s an incredible player and I’m excited to see her back playing.


Mountain View

Captain’s Corner: Fencing

If only X went to Cambridge, we’d win every game… Carla Humphrey!

Prediction for this year’s Varsity match? 2-0 to Cambridge. Expect nothing less.

Where can we follow football in Cambridge? @cuafc on Instagram.