The partnership has already provided Cambridge netballers with various opportunities to gain valuable work experience in financial servicesCambridge University Ladies Netball Club

On Wednesday evening (3/3), Brown Shipley, a Quintet Private Bank, hosted an event at Christ’s College to celebrate the renewal of their sponsorship of the Cambridge University Ladies Netball Club (CULNC). The partnership began back in 2019 and will last for another two years.

Brown Shipley is a wealth manager offering clients informed financial advice and tailored services on all aspects of wealth planning, investment management, and lending. They were founded in 1810, and currently have offices located across the UK.

The partnership allows Brown Shipley to directly support the Cambridge squad in its endeavours on the netball court, as well as to encourage more women to consider a career in financial services and, more specifically, wealth management.

As part of this objective, a number of the CULNC squad completed internships at the bank last summer, including Amelia Burdett who then spoke about her experience in a presentation at the event.

Brown Shipley is also supporting Club members through potential opportunities on the Quintet Graduate scheme, along with establishing a mentoring programme that has received positive feedback from participants despite starting only a few months ago.

Speaking after the event, Brown Shipley spokesperson Theresa Heaton said: “Our partnerships with CULNC are two years long and we have just started the second of these, hence this event was to recognise this.”


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Speaking to Cambridge’s netball Blues

She also touched on the reasoning behind the partnership’s motivations: “It’s well known that there remains an imbalance between men and women across financial services. We are keen to open up opportunities for those who may not have previously considered it. We would also like to support, in any way we can, to break the bias that still exists in some parts of the industry.”

Heaton then detailed the scope of opportunities available to Cambridge’s female netballers: “As part of our initiatives, we will have offered a minimum of six internships to Club members across the two years of our partnership. This year, we started our mentoring programme with the Club with four participants and we plan to increase this for next year.”

CULNC has enjoyed much success on the court this season, particularly with their Blues squad. Captained by Millie Quayle, the first team secured the BUCS Midlands Tier 2A title earlier in the day of the networking event, topping off an unbeaten league season with silverware.