HUS said they were disappointed by the college’s decisionredjar

Homerton College has cancelled all bops for the rest of the academic year after excrement, urine and vomit were found after a bop held at the college.

An email sent to undergraduates at the college claims that a bop that took place on Saturday 13th February caused damage worth a four-figure sum.

Both accommodation blocks and the Mary Allan Building (MAB), which houses both the Porters’ Lodge and the college library, suffered damage after the party organised by the college’s JCR.

In the email, the Bursar, Deborah Griffin, said that the college was “shocked and disappointed” at the students’ behaviour.

“The HUS [Homerton Union of Students] Committee have worked exceptionally hard to ensure that these events are safe and enjoyable,” Griffin said.

“However, the subsequent noise and damage caused by some students, including excrement, urine and vomit found across several of the residences and MAB, is unacceptable.”

The damage during the bop, entitled ‘Homerton’: The Great Unknown Summer Ball Launch’ which was held as a launch event for Homerton’s May Week event, meant that the college could “no longer safeguard the welfare of its students under such circumstances,” the email read.

The email, which was sent on Thursday also accused students that were from other colleges of causing damage to the college, but did not give further details.

“These were guests of Homerton students, who should therefore take a measure of responsibility,” Griffin said.

A spokesperson for HUS said: “By now you have probably read the email sent out by college explaining the decision for the final bop of term not to go ahead. Whilst we understand the reasons behind the decision, as a union we are opposed to, and disappointed by, college’s decision to ban the final bop of term. We see this as a collective punishment for isolated incidents caused by certain individuals’ unacceptable behavior and we believe that it is unfair that the whole student population is being punished for the actions of a minority.

“We have explained our position to college, and are considering alternative events for the end of term and next term. Please do get in touch if you have any suggestions.”

This is not the first time a college has cancelled bops this academic year in response to rowdy behaviour by students.

In October, Varsity reported the cancellation of bops at Queens’ for the remainder of Michaelmas Term after one student was taken away in an ambulance, and another stained stonework with vomit.