The Anchor on Silver Street todayDanny Simpson

The River Cam broke its banks yesterday in central Cambridge following prolonged and occasionally intense periods of rainfall overnight. The Daily Mail reports that police have called the flooding the worst the city has seen for twenty years. 

An Environment Agency red flood warning remains in place for "Grantchester, Newnham Croft and the Colleges" as water levels through Cambridge "are still rising in places". An amber flood alert is in force for the lower Cam. However, no further significant rainfall is expected, although the ground remains saturated. 

For homes and businesses along the Cam, the cost of repairing damage caused by flood waters is likely to run into thousands of pounds. The Anchor pub and restaurant on Silver Street was flooded today as river levels peaked. It is one of many riverside properties to be affected.

Anglian Water have also warned that there is a risk of sewers bursting. All this comes after a period of flooding in Cambridge over the Christmas period, in what has been a wet start to 2014. 

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