'The college burglar' - Michael Janescambridge news

Michael Janes – nicknamed ‘The College Burglar’ by police detectives – was yesterday handed a sentence of fifty weeks in jail.

Janes’s arrest came on Saturday after he was seen on CCTV at the scenes of several break-ins.  He was identified in CCTV footage in St Edmund’s, St Catharine’s and Churchill. He is reported to have stolen hundreds of pounds from these colleges between 13 and 16 of November.

He also gained access to student accommodation on Tennis Court Road and tried to extract money from a parking meter on Park Street on 15 November. He tried to enter the bar at Caius College the same day, but was not successful.

Janes, a 36-year-old resident of Victoria Road who has 43 previous convictions, pleaded guilty at a hearing at the Cambridge Magistrates’ Court yesterday.  He confessed to five non-dwelling burglaries and attempted theft from a parking machine.

Detective Constable Andy Day said, “Janes is a prolific burglar who targeted college establishments and caused a lot of damage and distress.

“I hope this sentence demonstrates the serious consequences of burglary and I am pleased that we were able to bring him to justice.”

In previous court hearings Janes’s criminal activity has been linked to drug addiction.  In 2004 he was given an 18-month sentence for burgling old peoples’ homes to finance the purchase of drugs.

In 2008 he was again jailed for 18 months after being apprehended by a porter at Trinity College.

The porter, David Page, confronted Janes, asking why Janes was at the college offices after hours. Janes bit Mr Page’s hand and was then restrained until the arrival of police.