The Facebook campaign launched by Camrbidge alumni to secure Brian Blessed’s nomination for the position of Chancellor at Cambridge university has been successful.

Blessed’s acceptance letter has been published on the Facebook group, expressing how flattered he is that a campaign has been launched.He says he is "absolutely staggered" to have come back from an climbing adventure to find out about the 50 necessary nominations and that he, of course, "delighted to accept".

Blessed eloquently lists his reasons for accepting: "For me, Cambridge has always been the centre of the earth, there is brightness and light there that rivals that on Mount Everest."

He adds that, "The University buildings are architecturally beautiful, the whole setting is wonderful and enchants the soul."

Whilst this means that Blessed will certainly be running for Chancellorship, the other contenders show no signs of pulling out of the race.

Mr Arain, owner of a small supermarket on Mill Road has had 40 nominations since 3rd June and remains sure he will get the 50 needed by 17 June to make the October election.

And, although there has been strong student support for Blessed, Lord Sanisbury still remains top choice for some. Mary Beard, the famous classicist and a Times columnist, has come out has come forward in support of the billionaire’s candidacy.

According to Rupert Myers, she understands the basis of support for the £82 million-pound donor rather better than the student support for "someone that most of them couldn’t possibly remember".

However not all students are 100% behind the nominated of Brian Blessed.
Nick Lee, an economics undergraduate, complained to Varsity, "As a non-bearded man myself, I don’t feel adequately represented by Brian."

As the likelihood of a vote for the Chancellorship increases, the wait for October’s decision on the Chancellorship begins.