Students stand at entrance to Old Schools Site

This morning Old Schools, the nerve centre of the University of Cambridge,
has been occupied in protest against fees and cuts.

Around 60 students took control of the Senior Combination Room of the Old Schools, and the gates and doors leading to it, and more students are arriving as the occupation is made public.

The Old Schools building houses the offices of most senior posts of the University, including the Vice Chancellor, Leszek Borysiewicz.

The occupation follows the protests on Wednesday 24 November, when one
thousand Cambridge and ARU students, 6th formers, academics and residents
took over the streets of Cambridge, hundreds breaching the fence to occupy
Senate House lawn and issuing a statement: “We demand that the University completely oppose the increase in fees, fight against it, and fight against all cuts to education, welfare and all vital services”.

The occupation released a statement: "Our action comes at a time when our education system and public sector are being destroyed by duplicitous politicians without a mandate, and University management is failing to speak out against these proposals.

In fact, the University said it “welcomes” the possibility of charging up to £9,000. We have claimed this space to give students a voice in their University; everyone is welcome to join in or support the occupation in any way they can."