At 22, Carling could become the youngest MP in the country if he is elected in this year's General ElectionSam Carling with permission for Varsity

Sam Carling, a Cambridge postgraduate, has been selected as Labour’s parliamentary candidate for North West Cambridgeshire.

Carling was re-elected as a Labour councillor for West Chesterton ward earlier this month. At 22, Carling could become the youngest MP in the country if he is elected in this year’s General Election.

Carling is currently studying for an MPhil in Pathology. He also supervises undergraduates studying the biology of cells module in the Natural Sciences Tripos.

Carling has described himself as a “serial multitasker,” having served as president of Christ’s College’s JCR for two years, as well as co-chair of the Cambridge University Labour Club, debates officer at the Union, and a University Councillor.

Speaking to Varsity, Carling expressed confidence for his upcoming election campaign. He rejected concerns about balancing his academic and political commitments, claiming there were “huge advantages” of having more young people enter government, a demographic he argues are currently “underrepresented” in politics.

When questioned on the pro-Palestine encampment in Cambridge, Carling stated that “the fighting [in Gaza] needs to stop now,” and was keen to emphasise the importance of “the right to protest - a right currently being eroded by the current government”.

The Cambridge University Labour Club (CULC) has recently criticised Keir Starmer’s decision to accept Tory MP Natalie Elphicke to the Labour Party following her defection from the Conservatives. They have branded Elphicke’s presence on the Labour benches “an insult to the causes we stand for”.

On Sunday, the president of the Trade Union Congress said that Elphicke’s anti-strike stance is “incompatible” with the Labour movement.

Carling was keen to oppose this stance, claiming that Labour “can’t be squeamish about needing to appeal to people who have previously voted Conservative. We need to understand how people feel. People can, and do, change their minds”.


Mountain View

Cambridge postgrad re-elected as City councillor

Appealing to these constituencies is “how you win elections,” Carling asserted.

The Cambridge University Labour Club told Varsity: “CULC is thrilled to see Sam Carling selected today to take on the Conservatives in North West Cambridgeshire. Sam has been a friend and ally to CULC and has worked tirelessly to support young people in entering politics.”

“We’ve already seen him delivering for residents across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough through his work on skills and further education at the Combined Authority. We’re looking forward to offering Sam any support we can with his campaign,” they continued.