The college has £270,120 indirectly invested in nine companies linked to the manufacture of armsRebecca Tyson for Varsity

Christ’s College JCR will hold an emergency meeting and referendum over the college’s investments in arms companies, after the College revealed indirect investments of £270,000 in arms.

Over 10% of the College’s undergraduates signed a petition calling on Christ’s to divest from companies associated with the manufacture of weapons and armaments, which has triggered an emergency open meeting and referendum on the issue.

This follows an email sent to all Christ’s students on Thursday (30/05), by the Senior Tutor, Professor Tom Monie, who was publicly responding to a Freedom of Information request regarding Christ’s investments.

He disclosed that the college has £270,120 indirectly invested in nine companies linked to the manufacture of arms. All of these companies have been criticised for aiding Israeli forces in Gaza by the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement, that has accused them of “aiding genocide”.

Professor Monie stated that there are “no direct investments held by the College in these companies,” and that the investments listed above are in “funds managed by investment managers”. The College recently met with the managers of the fund to “discuss the portfolio of holdings,” he said.

Among the companies listed was RTX (formerly Raytheon), who provide Israel with its “iron dome” defence system, and Boeing, who were criticised after their weapons were used in Israeli airstrikes on Rafah that hit camps for displaced civilians.

Christ’s has a Responsible Investment Policy (RIP), which claims that any investments should “reflect its purpose and values, mitigate the long-term risks that it faces, and reduce any significant reputational risks that may result from its investments”.

Currently, the RIP explicitly excludes fossil fuels, but according to the Senior Tutor, the College also has “no exposure to tobacco, pornography, or controversial weapons”.

Last week (28/05), the College Council held a discussion about its investments, including “the question of investment in weapons manufacturers, and the specific implications of the events in Gaza and Israel”.

Professor Monie has also met with students at the college to report their views to the Council. The College Governing Body will hold a further discussion at its next meeting on 2 July.


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Isabelle Mohammed, Christ’s JCR President, told Varsity that although “members in their private capacity have their own beliefs on the matter,” the JCR as a body will “stand firm in allowing the democratic voice of Christ’s undergrads to be heard”.

The Senior Tutor told Varsity: “Christ’s College is fully committed to academic freedom and freedom of speech within the law, and we recognise the right of our students to raise issues of concern.”

“The welfare of our students is important to us and those who are impacted by these issues are encouraged to seek support from their Personal Tutors, the College Nurse and Wellbeing Advisor, and student support services in the University and in Departments and Faculties,” he said.