One student is planning to revive John's FemSoc in response to the scandalLouis Ashworth for Varsity

A student at St John’s has urinated in a bag of sanitary products, in an act described as “infantile” and “misogynistic” by the College.

In an email to students, the Dean and Senior Tutor condemned the person responsible, stating that the act was “obviously not an accident”.

According to the email, the College is taking the incident “extremely seriously,” and “anyone caught doing this will be subject to significant sanction.”

Sanitary bags are placed in many College toilets to provide free and sustainable menstrual products for any members of the college who may not have access to them.

The Dean and Senior tutor condemned the action as “an infantile, misogynistic and potentially transphobic act that communicates a deep and offensive disrespect for other people and the College community, and particularly for those who need these products from time to time.”

In response to the email, Feminist zine Gender Agenda posted on their Instagram story condemning the incident as “hateful”. Multiple college Feminist societies have reposted this condemnation.

Madeleine Baber, Gender Agenda’s co-zine officer and a John’s student, told Varsity the act was “vile, abhorrent and hateful,” claiming that “John’s has a serious problem with dangerous, sexual and misogynistic behaviour and much of it happens behind closed doors”.

In response to the incident, she has expressed plans to revive the disbanded John’s FemSoc which she hopes will “challenge this type of heinous behaviour”.


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In November last year, the Dean urged students to stop handing out “wee-Ks” after students reported being tricked into drinking urine at a College bop. In a separate incident, John’s sports teams amassed over 130 hours of community service after a swap with Oxford resulted in verbal abuse and urine spills.

A spokesperson for St John’s College told Varsity: “Sanitary protection products are provided free of charge in each of the individual and self-contained cubicle toilets in the busy Buttery, Bar and Cafe area of College. Tampering with these products, by anyone who uses these facilities, is extremely inappropriate and offensive.”