Friedman warned the “childish boys” involved that “intentionally handing someone else’s urine to drink amounts to criminal battery under English law.”Louis Ashworth for Varsity

Students at St John’s have been warned to stop tricking others into drinking urine, having been dared to continue at their “peril” as the Dean threatens to ban college bops.

Dr Nick Friedman, Dean of St John’s, wrote to students urging them to stop handing out “wee-Ks” at Ents (the College’s term for bops).

The email, sent by Dr Nick Friedman to all students this morning (24/11), said “the foul practice of wee-K’s needs to stop immediately.”

Friedman warned the “childish boys” involved that “intentionally handing someone else’s urine to drink amounts to criminal battery under English law.”

The urinary deceit will be “treated with the utmost seriousness by the College,” and perpetrators can expect “20 hours of community service,” he said.

The Dean also promised “an extended regime of gating,” to offenders, by which students are forced to report to the porters every morning and night.

Friedman said he “may also report the matter to the police, given their obvious interest in it” and challenged the culprits to “continue this practice at your peril.”

The email also explained that there has been “property damage at the Ents” which occurred in “the men’s bathroom in the Fisher Foyer”

The “format and layout” of tonight’s Ent will be “more restrictive” than normal, as a result of the behaviour. “The Head Porter and I will continue to restrict and regulate the Ents – out of existence, if necessary,” he added.

Dr Friedman condemned “the selfish people” for “trying to ruin these events for everybody” and urged students to help the College identify them.

One St John’s student told Varsity that they were “baffled” to hear of “wee-Ks” at Ents. This is “the first time” they’ve heard the term, they said.

“This is not the first time the Dean has threatened to shut down Ents, and he has shut down Ents before,” the student said.

Earlier this term, the elite men’s sports society, the Eagles, voted down a merger with the counterpart women’s club, the Flamingos.


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Elite John’s sports society votes down merger with women’s club

One anonymous member of the Flamingos told Varsity: “In response to the vote, and subsequent Varsity article, there were several anonymous Facebook posts made on Bridge of Highs [the College Facebook confessions page].”

“Some of these suggested that the Flamingos were overreacting to the situation. I think this created an unpleasant atmosphere in college which will have impacts on other areas of college life,” they said.

“At a social of the Eagles and Flamingos, the Flamingos president made a speech expressing her disappointment at the Eagles’ vote. During the speech, many of the Eagles were talking over her and not listening,” they added.

St John’s College was contacted for comment.