Freeman thanked the womens campaign and Femsocs in her resignation statementLouis Ashworth for Varsity

Rosie Freeman resigned from her post as Cambridge Student Union’s Women’s Officer this morning (29/04), three months before her term was due to end.

This resignation now means there are no non-male sabbatical officers in the Student Union.

Freeman told Varsity that it is with “deep regret” that she will be stepping down from the role.

She also said that her resignation “does not come as a surprise” due to working on “difficult issues within the University” and “lots of changes at the SU”.


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The officer confirmed that the resignation has been discussed with key members of the team over the last month and that the SU is working together “to ensure the best handover”.

Freeman’s resignation was initially announced in a statement on the SU website, which did not state a reason for the departure but thanked the sabbatical officer for “for her hard work and dedication to students and Cambridge SU”.

The statement also stated that Freeman will stay in post until the 22nd of May. It is unclear whether a by-election will be held to fill her post.

In the SU statement, Freeman thanked: “The Women’s Campaign, student campaigners and Femsocs for the opportunity to work closely on such important issues within the University: combating spiking, anti-sexual violence campaign work/disciplinary reform and the gender awarding gap.”

“Campaign work can be exhausting and this brilliant community’s trust and support has centred and emboldened mine and the Women’s Campaign’s work this year. It’s been a pleasure to campaign and learn from you over the course of this year,” she continued.

Freeman’s resignation makes her the third SU women’s officer to resign in the past 3 years. Milo Eyre-Morgan previously resigned from the post in early 2022 as well as Heidi Chan, who was elected as the Women’s Officer following Eyre-Morgan’s resignation but did not take up the role for personal reasons.

In January, Ell-Gardner Thomas resigned as Disabilities Officer, but did not state any reasons for their departure.