The group have gained notoriety for their marches through central LondonJust Stop Oil with permission for Varsity

Just Stop Oil (JSO) staged a march in Cambridge on Monday (18/12), responding to the “dismal failure of COP28”.

14 protesters marched on Cambridge’s ring road, starting outside Hot Numbers on Trumpington Street, and were not interrupted by police. The group included Cambridge residents, as well as participants from Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds.

Just two months ago, a JSO activist and Cambridge student spray painted King’s College orange following similar actions at Oxford, Bristol and Exeter universities, before being taken away by police.

Monday’s protest followed the conclusion of the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, which for the first time acknowledged the imperative to “transition away” from fossil fuels.

Representatives of some small island states have attacked this outcome, with Samoa’s lead negotiator saying that the agreement has “failed” her country and others, and is a “litany of loopholes”.

Marching in response to the summit, John Rymell, an IT professional and father of three, told the Cambridge Independent of his “concerns for the future if we fail to take action against climate change escalating into a climate catastrophe”.

“Politicians, regardless of their affiliations, hold a responsibility to act before it becomes too late. We possess the means to reduce our emissions, but time is of the essence,” he said.

Sue Buckingham, another marcher, came across “some pretty aggressive drivers getting quite angry, even though we were only taking up half the road, but otherwise [found] support from pedestrians, cyclists and some other drivers” as they slowly progressed through the city, coming to an end at midday.

Zoe Flint, aged 68, a retired teacher, also found “encouragement in the numerous positive responses we received today” with many motorists expressing support “by smiling and waving” and pedestrians likewise commending their efforts.


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“I am convinced that many ordinary individuals comprehend the reasons behind our march,” she continued.

A spokesperson for Just Stop Oil told Varsity: “Most people in this country do not want a genocidal government, they do not want a future of fire, flood and famine. Who would?”

“That’s why brave people, like those in Cambridge, like Stephen Gingell currently serving 6 months in prison, like Marcus Decker who has had his second birthday in prison will continue to march and defy a harmful, increasingly authoritarian regime,” the spokesperson said.

“We all know we need change, it’s time to replace Westminster politicians with real representatives of the people, it’s time for a ‘People’s House’ so we can come together and figure out, how we get out of this mess and look after each other as we do it,” they said.