Cambridge MP Julian Huppert has missed a vote concerning Trident in the House of Commons, despite his anti-nuclear manifesto.

The vote was over a SNP proposal to add a section to the note of thanks to the Queen in which a review of the Trident nuclear missile system is included as part of the governments Strategic Defence and Security Review. The proposal called for a "full examination" of Trident, or "any possible replacement."

Richard Taylor, Cambridge resident who blogs about local issues, highlighted Huppert’s absence from the vote, which seems to contradict his anti-nuclear stance in his election manifesto.

But Huppert has dismissed any claims that his absence signals a change of stance.

Speaking to Varsity he clarified that he was "absolutely committed to getting rid of Trident" and said: "I did not attend the vote intentionally because we were being whipped to vote against the amendment and I refused to do that.

"I felt this would jeopordise the talks to end Trident."