Over 6,800 respondents said that they had received a booster dose of a Covid-19 vaccineUnsplash/National Cancer Institute

Over eight in ten students surveyed have had their Covid booster vaccinations, according to data seen by Varsity.

Launched on 10 January, the University questionnaire asked students to provide details of their vaccination and booster status. 

8,280 students, or 28% of the student body, responded by 17 January. Of these, 6,879 (83%) said that they had received the booster dose of a Covid-19 jab.


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Students urged to get boosted before term starts

14% of respondents had not yet received the booster, but said that they intended to get it either before term started or once they returned to Cambridge.

This means that 97% of respondents have already been boosted or intend to get the jab soon.

2% had received a full initial course of vaccinations, but did not intend to get the booster. The remaining 1% were either unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, or preferred not to say.

The results come amidst high rates of Covid cases in Cambridge, with latest figures showing 2,200 cases in the past week. 

At the national level, ‘Plan B’ Covid restrictions were eased today, but many Cambridge colleges and university buildings still recommend measures such as social distancing and wearing face coverings.