Students were told to get their jab “as soon as possible” Christian Emmer

The University has urged students to get their booster amid the rising number of Omicron cases. 

In an email sent out to all students yesterday (7/1), the University said they “strongly recommend” students to get their third jab – which has at least 80% effectiveness against severe Omicron. 

The University cited high vaccination uptake among students for limiting the spread of the Delta variant last term. 

The email also outlined testing measures for the coming term.   

Students were told to take a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) 3-4 days before they return and on their day of travel. They were also encouraged to take a PCR test as soon as possible once in Cambridge. 


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Surge in Cambridge Covid cases as threat of lockdown looms

The asymptomatic screening programme restarts on Monday 17th January. Last term saw over 80% of eligible students take part – all of whom will be automatically enrolled again. Students yet to sign-up were urged to do so. 

Students were also encouraged to make use of PCR screening available during the first two weeks of term in order to minimise the introduction of the virus into Cambridge. They were also told to LFT before attending events. 

For international students travelling to the UK, the University has provided separate guidance. Test results from the University screening programme cannot be used for travel due to regulatory reasons.  

The email comes almost a year after Lent term 2021 was moved entirely online. All in person teaching was made remote and most students were actively discouraged from returning to college.