As lockdown looms, some worry a return to Cambridge next term is now in doubtGeograph

Cambridge has recorded 218 Covid cases today, putting the seven-day total at a record 1,647 cases – a 64.4% increase on the previous week, and twice what it was in the January peak. 

The latest available data puts Cambridge in the 30 worst-affected local authorities nationwide, with a rate of 1,149.8 cases per 100,000 people. 

The surging cases are driven by the spread of the Omicron variant, which overtook Delta as the dominant strain of the virus in London and the East of England last week. 

While refraining from imposing a lockdown, Boris Johnson called the situation “extremely difficult” this afternoon, warning that the Government reserves “the possibility of taking further action to protect public health.” 


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Cambridgeshire reports record numbers of Covid cases, ERA status extended

The government is reportedly considering a post-Christmas return to the restrictions in place in April: a ban on indoor household mixing, the rule of six outdoors and an encouragement for people to work from home. Under this arrangement, schools and universities will however stay open. 

With 18 year-olds eligible for their booster shots, the Homerton senior tutor urged students to get their third jabs; now “vital” given the rise in Omicron cases within the University. 

On Friday, a record 740,775 boosters were delivered. The NHS vaccine chief, Dr Emily Lawson, said that “the data is clear: getting a booster gives us all maximum protection.” 

The Queens’ senior tutor pleaded with students still in Cambridge to help out with the rollout. Dr Andrew Thompson, told students this afternoon that having had his jab this weekend, he knew “how important this role is.”