The announcement was made by the Faculty Chair Mark Elliot and Director of the Law Tripos (2020-21), Stephen WattersonLucas Maddalena

The majority of Law Tripos lectures will be delivered online in Michaelmas Term, the Faculty has announced in an email today (23/08).

All Tripos papers which are likely to be taken by 100 students or more, including Civil Law I, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Law of Tort, Law of Contract, Land Law, Equity, EU Law, CSPS, Family Law, Human Rights and International Law, will not be taught through in-person lectures. Lectures will either be recorded, or broadcast live to students via online platforms.

The Faculty stated that the decision was down to “ongoing uncertainty” about the public health situation in Michaelmas Term.

Small-group teaching will be held in person, along with lectures for smaller Law Tripos papers, with the letter outlining that this decision may be overturned if the University is to resort to contingency plans, should the public health situation change, or due to operational reasons.


Mountain View

Virgo confirms in-person teaching for next academic year

The announcement comes after the Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Graham Virgo, announced last month that as many supervisions, seminars and lectures as possible will take place in person unless there is a “strong reason” not to. Reasons cited included an improved quality of learning, safety, or staff not being able to teach in-person, as well as in the case of future restrictions or a changing public health situation.

Individual faculties have been allowed to preside over finalised plans for next year’s teaching.

The decision will affect around 700 undergraduate students, as well as approximately 250 postgraduate students.