Teaching for very large cohorts may potentially be onlineLouis Ashworth

An email from Pro-Vice-Chancellor Graham Virgo has confirmed that the University aims to provide in-person teaching next academic year, with all students returning to live in Cambridge.

Virgo states that the plans “take into account measures” and will “respond accordingly” to any changes in the government Covid guidelines.

Small-group teaching such as supervisions, seminars and practicals will be offered “as normal” according to Virgo, and “as many lectures as possible” will also be in-person.

However, online delivery will be used instead “when there is a strong reason” such as staff being unable to teach in-person or lecture theatres being unable to accommodate large cohorts.

Any faculties deciding to conduct some teaching online will state this on their websites by 30/09.

Virgo’s email also states that “students will be expected to be in Cambridge for their studies”, and any students who cannot return must apply for temporary permission to study remotely.

The University has contingency plans for changes in the public health situation, and will temporarily move teaching online if necessary. The University has also allowed for the re-implementation of measures such as face coverings and social distancing, which are currently still recommended by the University.

The email sent to students today encourages students to get fully vaccinated, but does not make this a requirement for returning to Cambridge.


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Covid cases spike at university

The University “will arrange COVID-19 testing for students on arrival and is prepared to provide appropriate testing throughout the first term and beyond if the public health situation requires it”, Virgo has assured.

Colleges will continue to support students through self-isolation, as well as offering general well-being and financial support where necessary.