It is hoped that the campaign will help foster a ‘culture of consent’ in Cambridge Veeti Davidsson /wikimedia commons

Content note: This article contains discussion of gendered violence and sexual harassment

Cambridge’s SU and the Women’s Campaign are launching a joint campaign focusing on safe nights out ahead of the planned easing of Covid restrictions on 21st June.

The campaign will run from the 7th to the 11th of July. It aims to touch on ‘harms associated with nights out’ such as spiking, sexual harassment and walking back safely from a night out.

It is hoped that the campaign will help foster a ‘culture of consent’ in Cambridge and intends to protect student safety on nights out.

Cambridge SU Women’s Officer, Chloe Newbold, said that A temporary pause in nights out has not removed the types of harms that so often occur at college parties and associated venues, and the easing of restrictions must not be a return to business as usual.”


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Chloe’s statement continued: “Due to COVID-19 many students will be unfamiliar with Cambridge and navigating student nightlife. We want all students to feel empowered and supported during their post-examination celebrations, and equally able to participate in all aspects of University life. With this campaign we want to encourage community action amongst students to build safe and inclusive spaces.”

The campaign hopes to “challenge the harmful narrative that things like spiking and harassment are natural features of student nightlife.” Although it aims to empower students and volunteers, Chloe emphasises that “colleges and venues must also be taking responsibility for their role in promoting student safety.”

This campaign follows on from previous similar SU campaigns like Reclaim the Night or Breaking the silence, which both aim to show solidarity with victims of gendered violence, and work towards ending experiences of harassment.